Lighten Up Southern MN!

The latest lighting trends by fixture manufacturers offer options from every price point as well as have the capability to work remotely from a tablet or smart phone.  Just as important to consumers is the importance of energy efficiency.  The manufacturers have expanded their lines in LED and CFL options.

Decorative pendants remain the fixture of choice over islands and peninsulas.  People are choosing to make their islands larger for added work and seating space; as well as giving more room for appliance options and storage.  Pendants can provide style and task lighting for the many functions that islands can provide.  Decorative pendants are actually growing in size!   It is not uncommon for them to be up to 20 inches wide.  Homeowners are now choosing to use up to 3 over their island or peninsula space.

Other trends are the use of many different metals such as iron, copper, and bronze.  Wood is still very popular as well; homeowners are often mixing and matching these different colors and textures in the same space both making a statement and adding interest.

Nora lighting offers new trends in accent and task lighting.  First we have their white-band tape light for contemporary looks, and new side-lit tape light which shines to the side producing a warm glow and finally a CRI 90+ option for more natural color renditions.

Whatever lighting you choose for your kitchen here are a few lighting tips to consider.  Kitchen lighting design should include several things; ambient (soft)lighting, accent light (on objects), task (on work stations), and decorative piece lighting.  The combination of all of these things will provide a inviting and functional work space for you, your family,  and your friends to enjoy.

Call us today to see how we can help you design and build your new kitchen space.


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We are offering discounts on flooring and countertops with the purchase of a new kitchen and our beautiful custom cabinetry.

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507-325 -2509


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The options are endless for new looks in tile for both kitchen and bath design.  If you are looking for a classic look marble and neutral stone will bring your project up a notch!  How about using textured tiles and rugged stones for a rustic look?  Bold colors and paint patterns work great for Old World styles.  If you are interested in shimmer just look for tiles that have touches of metal or glass.  Current trends include all the above materials as well as porcelain, stainless and terracotta. Painted finishes, textures, and endless patterns now add interest and depth to surfaces that were once flat.



International influences from Morocco and Spain have made their way in styles from bold prints and shapes to elegant patchworks.

In large formats mosaics can add great interest to a design.  Oversized large tiles provide a seek and clean look by requiring fewer grout lines and joints, and have increased greatly in popularity for both walls and flooring in kitchen and bath design.

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Drawer appliances can be installed in virtually any space, making them suitable for universal design, outdoor living and nontraditional spaces.

Fisher & Paykel boasts a Cool/ Drawer unit which is a multi-temperature refrigeration drawer.  The great thing about this unit is that it can be changed from a fridge to a freezer, or a wine drawer with just a touch of a button.

Sub-Zero/Wolf prides themselves on bringing “anywhere refrigeration” to any room, and the outdoors.  Wolf has created a new drawer microwave that can be turned into a warming drawer; keeping food at a ready-to-serve temperature for up to 90 minutes. Many customers find it handy to use the warming  feature to warm dinner plates here in Minnesota, and in other cold parts of the country thus keeping the food warmer even longer.

The new trends seem to be doing away with any appliance above the counter because of the increasingly important universal design concept.  Stainless steel remains a classic trend that is still in high demand.




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Kohler delivers a powerful message that is ideal for unwinding and relaxing.  Whirlpool jets adjust for  precise positioning and message intensity so you can customize each bathing experience to target specific areas of your body.  This  results in releasing tension and soothing soreness.

Enhanced options like the  in-line heater maintains the water temperature and helps ease tense muscles. The Bodyssage backjet system targets pressure points along the spine and across the shoulders; simulating a hands-on body message and encourages deep breathing.  A neckjet pillow with two adjustable jets cradles the neck and pulses alternatively from left to right to also help relieve tension and stress.

Contact us for information on  how we can design a new bathroom with beautiful and bold Kohler products just for you.  (507)325-2509

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Kitchens remain the top remodeling project in the nation as well as southern Minnesota and northern Iowa  Bright and vibrant colors and islands continue to be very popular, with furniture-like custom cabinetry emerging as a new trend; as well as accent cabinets and the mixing of different wood species, and finishes.

Appliances are still popular in white, black and stainless.  Bolder colors such as blues, oranges, sunny yellow, and avocado green have also hit the scene in a big way.  Designs and décor that fuse colors of nature such as earthy browns, gray greens, and relaxing silvers have also become very popular.

Wine storage and coolers give homeowners the opportunity for convenience and to showcase their collections, and are very popular as well.

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Call us today to see how Thermal Imaging Technology can save you in energy costs.  We offer home energy audits and inexpensive solutions to areas your home may be loosing energy.

Your full service contractor serving southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and beyond.

Hanson Construction & Specialty Cabinets, LLC



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There is nothing like seeing an entire slab of Cambria Quartz to inspire you!  The new Cambria Gallery has just that.  It is located on 7th Street and 2nd Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.  Their hours of business are as follows:

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm        Sat-Sun 11am-4pm

For more information call:  952-826-6202

Let us help you discover what quartz surfaces can do for your home.  You can see all of the trend setting designs on their website at as well, and call us at

507-325-2509 to turn your inspiration into a reality.




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